Ready to have defined, bouncy curls by your next wash day - using the products you already have - but don't know how?

Master Your Wash Day is a quick mini course designed to help you transform your hair into defined curls right now.



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What if your curls could look great with the products you already have?

With Master Your Wash Day, there's no need to continue experimenting with products and methods. You'll learn how to have the curls you want with the products you have by your next wash day.

I'm sharing what I know from experience, transforming my frizzy waves into curls and helping thousands of others do the same...

And that is that technique matters far more than product.

The right technique will bring out defined, bouncy curls even if you're using the wrong products.

The right styling technique allows me to use whatever I have on hand.

And I get the same results every wash day.

This curly styling mini-course is essentially 4 years in the making...

But it'll only take you a few hours to learn.

Ready to have the curls you want - and finally understand how to make products work for you?

You're just a few hours away from being confident in your waves and curls with the products you already have!

So why am I sharing this right now?

 Hi, I'm Delilah Orpi!

I'm a Curly Hair Consultant and blogger I've worked with thousands of others with wavy and curly hair to help them embrace their naturally curly hair.

The idea for Master Your Wash Day came to me in the form of a question I asked myself recently...

With so much information about wavy and curly hair out there, I know many of my readers are struggling to figure out what will work for them.

So I asked myself the question:

"How can I help others with wavy and curly hair learn a system to quickly get defined, bouncy curls in one day?"

...I didn't ask "How can I help them learn the whole curly girl method?" That can take several days.

...I didn't ask "How can I help them apply all the curly girl rules to create a full custom system?" That can take a few weeks.


I asked, “How can I help others with wavy and curly hair implement techniques so they can have defined, bouncy curls in the shortest amount of time?

And that’s how Master Your Wash Day was born.

A strategy and framework to help you create defined, bouncy curls that anyone with wavy or curly hair —any type 2A-3B curls—can implement successfully.


SUPER fast.

Like, less-than-two-days-and-you’re-off-and-running-fast.

The framework I teach inside Master Your Wash Day is the same one I currently use on my own hair and teach to my clients.

The same strategies that consistently give me good wash day results, regardless of the products I use.

The same strategies that my clients use every single wash day.

And now, I'm teaching it to YOU.

Master Your Wash Day

A wash day framework you can implement today!

A framework that will give you defined, bouncy curls every time.

A framework you can use forever, with any product, on any type 2A-3B curls.

So, what's in it for you?

Master Your Wash Day is a formula that works for anyone with type 2A-3B curls - low or high maintenance, with cheap or salon products, on wavy or curly hair!

So if you want to have great results by your next wash day here's how to do it!

Better yet, if you're looking for an easy framework that can quickly transform your hair into defined, bouncy curls beyond your next wash day, I've got you more than covered.

Master Your Wash Day is a great, concise course to really understand how to use curly hair products. I was able to watch the lessons and implement what I learned to have much better results the very next day! - Jessie M.

Inside Master Your Wash Day...

I'm going back to the basics of curl care.

I'm sharing with you strategies I've never shared in any of my blog posts or videos.

And I'm sharing this stuff right now because I don't want you to struggle with your hair any longer...

I want you to love your curls.

And you 100% can...

If you follow the framework in Master Your Wash Day!

Grab Master Your Wash Day today...


Now only $47!

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

Here's what you'll learn inside Master Your Wash Day:

Lesson 1 - Cleanse

How to properly cleanse your hair and scalp with the products you have. Set a good base for your routine.

Lesson 2 - Condition

Unlock the key to curl clumps with my conditioning trick for ultimate hydration and ideal curl clumps.

Lesson 3 - Style  

Where the magic happens. Know exactly how to use your styling products, and watch my demos on application methods and the Juicy Curl Clumping Method.

Lesson 4 - Dry

Ensure your hair dries with the least amount of frizz and avoid having hard, crunchy curls whether you air dry or diffuse.

Lesson 5 - Wash Day Woes Solutions

Quick fixes for the most common wash day problems, like frizz and flatness.

And did I mention you can have defined, bouncy curls in less than a day?

Yes. This formula is fast.

Quick results? Check.

Consistent results every wash day? Check.

And a proven formula to make it happen in 1 day? Check!

And you don't need tons of time to make this happen.

Actually, "tons of time" is kind of the antithesis of this whole thing.

The name of the game with Master Your Wash Day is speed and simplicity.

Because of that, I've laid out this mini-course so you have an easy-to-implement framework in one day.

Even if you only have a couple of hours this evening after the kids go to bed...

Or a couple of hours here and there while you're managing work, school, errands...

(or both...)

You can have bouncy, defined curls. Fast.

Grab Master Your Wash Day today...


Now only $47!

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

Who is Master Your Wash Day for?

  • Anyone who wants their curly or wavy hair to look good right now
  • Anyone struggling to style their curly or wavy hair
  • Anyone who has just started embracing their natural hair and isn't sure how to use the products they have to enhance their curls and waves
  • Anyone who doesn't want to buy any more curly hair products but just wants to have good wash days with the products they already have
  • Anyone with type 2 or 3 waves and curls who wants more definition, shine, and softness
  • Anyone who wants to avoid the crunchy curls look and wants soft, bouncy curls

What you get when you grab Master Your Wash Day


Watch the lesson videos or read the text and follow along with the workbook.

VIDEO TUTORIALS ($100 value)

Watch demonstrations, tutorials, explanations, and more in video format so that you can easily replicate my system.


A companion guide that you can reference at any time on any device.


Learn my Juicy Clumping Method for the perfect curl clumps that dry with minimal frizz and maximum definition.

My Fabulous Curls 4-Step Wash Day System

Snag my 4-Step Wash Day template and learn my signature framework for a balanced wash day.


Troubleshoot the most common wash day problems with my top quick and easy solutions for your wash day woes.

"Holy cow, that's a ton of stuff for just...$47? For real?!"

Yes. Master Your Wash Day is worth ten times what I'm charging.

After all, it'll help you have nearly frizz-free curls - in the short term and long term.

BUT my goal here was to make this a no-brainer price for you, whoever you are, where you are, because I know curly girls (and guys) need this strategy NOW.

I don't want you to dream of having defined, bouncy curls someday...I want you to have it TODAY.

So I've priced it so you don't have to hem and haw... you can just grab it and go!

"Wait...when you say Master Your Wash Day, do you mean you'll teach me how to wash my hair?"

Nope! Better than that.

I teach you how to style your hair on wash that your curls are nearly frizz-free and last several days between washes.

The way you style on wash day is critical, so to "master your wash day" you need to focus on the conditioning and styling aspects.

Those 2 steps are the key to defined, bouncy curls.

I've got you covered with the 4 steps in your "wash day" - tutorials, templates, and more to make it easy peasy for you.

This isn't about creating a long term plan.


I'm not here to teach you that stuff right now. (We can get to that later.)

Instead, my goal is simple:

I want you to have bouncy, defined curls in very little time - in the way I know best:

Master Your Wash Day

But—AND THIS IS IMPORTANT—this isn't just any curly hair course...

This framework is specific.

This isn’t about just any styling method.

This isn’t random.

This isn’t about luck.

It’s better than that.

The Master Your Wash Day framework shows you exactly what it takes to:

  • create the perfect curl clumps for less frizz
  • apply styling products for more definition
  • create soft, defined, bouncy curls every time
  • have a balanced wash day routine

And you can do all that with the products you already have!

I've packaged up all this into a quick mini-course and 4-step framework that you can complete and implement in just 1 day!

I've put this at a no-brainer price so you don't have to ride the fence for days or even hours.

Why? because I don't want you to delay having the curls you want for days or even hours.

Your hair needed this like, yesterday.

But... today will do just fine.

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

Grab Master Your Wash Day today...


Now only $47!


Step 1 - Click the BUY NOW button to purchase.

Step 2 - After you pay, log in to the course platform.

Step 3 - Watch the video lessons and tutorials, and download your ebook and templates.

Step 4 - Apply what you learned next time you wash your hair!

Grab Master Your Wash Day today...


Now only $47!


Grab it at this low price today! The price will be going up soon!


Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.

What people are saying:

You don’t need special products, a lengthy routine, or fancy hairstyling skills to make this happen.

You just need the Master Your Wash Day Formula.

I'll help you have bouncy, defined curls using the products you already have in only 4 steps.

In 1 day.

Your hair needs this. Nay, your hair deserves this.

(Ok, it needs it, too.)

You're ready for a simple wash day routine.

You are more than ready to style your curls for more definition and bounce.

You're over trying product after product and watching complicated routines to get those defined curls you want.

If you're ready to stop experimenting...

Your'e ready for Master Your Wash Day

FAQs About Master Your Wash Day

1. How do I know this will work for my hair?

This 4-step system is based on what all hairstylists and curly experts teach and do themselves. It's a basic format to ensure you're using products correctly and in the right order. This will work for any type 2A-3B wavy and curly hair type.

2. What is the refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.

3. What's included in the course?

The course includes 5 lessons in video and text format, video tutorials, a workbook, my 4-Step Wash Day Template, the Juicy Clumping Method cheat sheet, and my Wash Day Woes Solutions. Scroll up to see the details of each lesson.

4. Why isn't this a bigger investment?

Just as with my other course, I wanted to make this course accessible to everyone. Although the total value of the course is over $400, I priced it so that as many people as possible could take advantage and start off on the right path with their natural hair journey.

5. What format is the course in?

The course is a mix of text and video lessons and a companion ebook. There are also some pdf documents you can print and use.

6. How long will it take to see results?

How about by your next wash day 😉

7. Will I need to buy any products or tools?

No. You can use the products you have on hand along with the methods and techniques I teach you in Master Your Wash Day.

8. How long will I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to this course and you can access it from any device.

9. Does this only work on curly hair?

This system will work on wavy or curly hair, types 2A-3B.

10. Is this course for beginners? I have no idea where to start with my hair!

Yes, this course is for those new to embracing their natural hair. It will guide you no how to set up a wash day and how to use each product.

11. I already have Fabulous Curls Made Easy. Does Master Your Wash Day have different content?

Master Your Wash Day is an introductory course that leads into Fabulous Curls Made Easy, the full program. If you already have Fabulous Curls Made Easy you DO NOT need Master Your Wash Day; you already have what's in this course. 😉

12. When can I get started?  

You will have instant access to the course a soon as you purchase it.

Ready to have a great wash day with the products you already have?

Have better looking waves and curls by your next wash day by enrolling now.

Grab Master Your Wash Day today...


Now only $47!

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